My Now-Called Freelance Life

I won’t lie. Not getting up at 7am for a stressful unappreciative job feels great. Granted, I’m not raking in the cash in a 9-5 way just yet, but the pure freedom and satisfaction with where my life is heading makes up for the slight financial insecurity. My monthly horoscope hinted at an influx of money this month (in fact, throughout this year), so I’m choosing to focus on what I want/need to do and throwing it out to the universe to take care of the rest.

But it hasn’t all been sleeping late and hulu marathons – All things Better Farm finally have my full attention, my pre-move to do list is getting steadily plowed through and I’m getting my recent graphic design portfolio together in hopes of attracting more freelance clients. A downside is that I have completely lost my sense of time: Tuesday was Sunday, yesterday was Friday and I almost called my mom at noon today thinking that she’d be home. Oh well, at least I don’t get tired at 9pm anymore.

More inspiration:
* My So-Called Freelance Life by already-blogged-about patron saint of F that S, Michelle Goodman.
* Inspiration Boards on Flickr
* Free seeds from Operation Green Plant

And one just to make me laugh:
Unhappy Hipsters


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