Snow Snow Go Away

Sitting here on our last day in the Brooklyn apartment, it’s hard not to notice the…annoying snowstorm that just decided to blow in right as we’re trying to move. It’s not so much the safety of the roads I’m worried about – we’ll be on major highways the whole way – but the possible tricky situation of trying to double-park while we load up the trailer. Add to that the fact that the trailer can’t even be picked up until 10am tomorrow for some weird reason…and safe to say I’m a little stressed!

But on the other hand, all of our stuff will definitely fit, we didn’t pay for a single box, Butch found willing dudes to help carry everything and the landlord already looked over the place and said we don’t have to spackle or paint anything…so I can’t be too negative. Plus the sun just came out!

Here are some snowy Brooklyn shots:

Brownstone street photo from A Brooklyn Life
Tops of Brownstones and sky photo from Writes, Shoots and Leaves
Coney Island and closed storefronts photos from Life
Brooklyn Bridge photo from Planet Ware


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