GRE(v)EN(ts) AND Spotlight On: Fritz Haeg (Again)

Fritz Haeg is at it again.* The wonderful Edible Estates: Attack on the Front Lawn has been re-released in a 2nd edition, and in celebration, The Greene Space is hosting a conversation about “exploring the possibilities for publicly growing food in the most unlikely of places – on the streets where we live, in the middle of our cities, and in particular, in New York City.”**

This gre(v)en(t) happens this coming Thursday, April 8th, at 7pm and costs $15. See more info HERE.

*I’m beginning to think I should add a category to my F that S dedicated just to Fritzy, since I’m always talking about him. UPDATE: Category added.

**Totally UN-Fritz-related, but if you’re interested in Edible Forest Gardens, Dave Jacke will be leading a workshop at the Cornell Cooperative Extension in Norwich, NY on May 7th and 8th. The cost is $75 and you should contact with any questions and to reserve your spot. I suggest signing up ahead of time as Mr. Jacke is very well-known in certain (permie) circles.

But back to our original subject, here’s another Fritzy post I’ve been planning with a Spotlight On the Animal Estates project he completed back in 2008:

Commissioned by The Whitney Museum of American Art for The 2008 Whitney Biennial.

Animal Estates were created for following New York City animal clients in front of the museum, at the entry, and in the sculpture court. Four hundred years ago they lived at this very location, the corner of East 75th and Madison Avenue. (Six of these Animal Estates were dontated to Swindler Cove Park at the northern tip of Manhattan, where the animals will finally be able to move into their model homes).

Animal Estate photos from the Animal Estates NYC site.


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