Big (Green) Deal: Wild Craft = Wild Children

As someone who’s fascinated with product design, it’s interesting to watch the innovation that’s come out of this recent green movement. From humanitarian tools to reusable wrapping paper, where there’s a niche, there will be commerce! However, I can’t help but love a board game for kids that specifically teaches them how to forage for berries and herbs in the wild:

Wildcraft! teaches 25 edible and medicinal plants, has challenges and, best part, you can only win by working together. Learning to properly forage for herbs in order to stop using pharmaceuticals altogether (thanks, Joce for the awesome birthday gift!) is one of my goals…something I wish I’d learned at a young age. Games like this make it easy for kids to understand the importance of the natural world from early on…and that alone is worth the paper it’s printed on!


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