Inspiration Station: Skylight Seedlings

What to do when stuck with a horrible apartment that’s cursed with reclaimed wood walls and hideous skylights allowing annoying sunlight to creep in:

Some artist couple was featured on Design*Sponge for the styling of their Paris apartment (again, how unfortunate). All joking aside, I did really like their creative use of wasted space as a seed starting solution… Only furthers my idea to rip out the ceiling on the love loft for moon-viewing (don’t worry Nicole, I’ll wait on that project). Now that our first greenhouse is almost done (no thanks to me), we’ll have a much more controlled environment for seedlings next Spring… I mean, it snowed today for chrissake!

Again, not sure who this particular couple is, but besides interior decorating they sure do know how to put on a nice garden wedding:

Marriage on the brain? I’ll make sure to send you a postcard from Vegas…

Skylight photo from Design*Sponge
Garden wedding photos from Cheri Messerli


3 thoughts on “Inspiration Station: Skylight Seedlings

  1. those are our friends dave and cheri… you should have seen their apartment in soho…

    we miss you miss corrine… plotting a trip to better farm! X

  2. haha – of course, I should have assumed you knew them…you have a very similar aesthetic. Well now you have peeps in Paris, you lucky little thing. Please do come visit at some point – i miss you guys too!

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