Green Mountains Majesty

Butchy and I went for our first outing in the Adirondacks – a nice little hike near Cranberry Lake. On the way I saw the Forest Ranger School…and yes, Smokey the Bear was guarding the entrance. Once we found the trail head, we started out on the snowmobile trail and then veered off onto the more challenging foot trail…overall we hiked for around 3 hours (with of course a stop for lunch by a stream). Good times in beautiful scenery:


2 thoughts on “Green Mountains Majesty

  1. Fantastic resolution on your camera for these shots! How many megapix are on your camera? You manage to make the mundane, the little noticed, much more with your picture poetry. A Zen moment, perhaps…

  2. It’s the camera you and mom helped me buy a couple years ago! The res is 10 mpxls and I take a lot of nature shots because I haven’t quite figured out the indoor settings yet. But thanks for your words about my style of photography….As photographer Diane Arbus said “I really believe there are things nobody would see if I didn’t photograph them.”

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