Spotlight On: Organic Kitty Litter

…AKA, “poopcorn” (Sorry had to steal that one from Dlisted!). Lauren sent me this nugget (!) of a video about a new cat litter that’s supposedly greener because it’s made from biodegradable corn. While I’m all for thinking outside the box (!!) on environmental issues, there is no way in HELL I would take a deep whiff of the litter after Smash and Grim were done with it…much less NIBBLE ON THE PELLETS THEMSELVES:


2 thoughts on “Spotlight On: Organic Kitty Litter

  1. Funny! Something that is killing our California Sea Otters to the point of being endangered is what appears to be a worm/bug that has come from cat poo being thrown into the ocean. It made me think a lot about how much cat poo people must throw in the ocean? So, I don’t think the clay is the problem…just keep the poo out of the ocean!

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