Spotlight On: Kring’s Nursery

As I’ve mentioned, I was seasonally hired to work at the lovely Kring’s Nursery and Greenhouse in Alexandria, NY. It was pure luck that I got the job – I happened to call right before Timmy and Dianne Kring were about to look for a new girl for the upcoming season. No competition? Sounded good to me.

The business has been around for over 50 years, started by Timmy’s father John as a fruit stand, which later evolved into a market and greenhouse. Many of the customers who come today have been coming for those same 50 years – blue-haired grannies who are still gardening (or getting someone else to do the dirty work for them). And on that note, I’ve been allowed to put up a sign at work offering my gardening services – time to give freelancing another try!

Despite being only a temporary situation, it’s been a wonderful experience working with the Krings. Every day is fun and it feels like I’m part of the family (quite a change from the usual troll-like NYC bosses). I’ve learned so much about plants and flowers…and also realized how much I already knew! I’m hoping that whatever other job(s) I get this year, I’ll be able to figure out a way to work for Kring’s during their season of April – July for next year.

Here are some shots I took after a recent flower delivery when the merch was at its peak. Enjoy!


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