Big (Green) Deal: Post-it™ Plants Trees

For every select Post-it™ or 3M™ recycled product you purchase and register, the company will plant a tree. Their goal is 100,000 trees, and as of right now, they’ve only planted 104 (?) – so get on it already! The sites for the to-be planted trees are: Cave Gulch and Maudlow-Toston in the Helena National Forest in Montana, Arbutus Lake Kirtland’s Warbler Habitat in Michigan, Clearwater National Forest in Idaho and Burn Canyon in Colorado.

While I’m torn on the subject of humans “reviving” areas of naturally occurring forest fires, I appreciate that a company that creates such wasteful (but oh-so-useful) products as Post-its is attempting to replenish a limited natural resource.

Post-it™ / 3M™ isn’t the first company to offer their products for a tree, but don’t think your conscience will be wiped clean by buying products from “eco-friendly” companies. Both Treehugger and the Guardian have interesting reports on exactly how restorative these efforts really are.

So, in the end, perhaps buying less paper products and planting your own tree is the way to go?

Post-it™ Christmas Tree photo from Apartment Therapy.


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