I Was Born In A Small Town

So Butch and I went away to Canada for the weekend. Ate delicious food. Took some photos. Got engaged.

The ring Butch bought for me looks almost exactly like this one by jewelry designer/Etsy seller CocoandChia…Only the band on mine is more handmade looking and there are 3 tiny diamonds instead of one. What is similar between the two is that they were both made in the USA by American designers.

(And once I call the store and have them remind me who the designer of mine was, I’ll give them proper credit!)

Not that it means the diamonds are from US soil (and we all know there’s debate on buying diamonds in general…which is a blog post for another time), but I like to support local, independent artists when I can.

On that note, I recently read an article on a store opening around here that only sells products “Made in the USA”…with every piece of material used in the building of the store, down to the display racks and packaging, being created under the great Stars and Stripes as well. It’s an interesting idea (and apparently not a new one), and while I can see how it may offend some who feel we’re being fanatic nationalists (Freedom Fries, anyone?), our increasing use of imported goods leaves us not only dependent on other (often fanatically nationalist) countries but crippled by job losses on the home front as production moves overseas.

Phew! But enough about that – buy local, support indie designers, and let love rule! xo


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