Northern Exposure

Butch and I spent most of last weekend in the highly recommended city of Kingston, Ontario. We stayed at the lovely Frontenac Club Inn – in the Atelier Room. And besides the chipper service, the breakfast put all other “continental breakfasts” to shame. I’m talking country kitchen decor, full waiter service, baked apples, homemade waffles…all included! You won’t find that on this side of the pond.

But let’s talk about the food the night before. We had a late dinner at the (also recommended) Le Chien Noir that consisted of herb tomato salad, elk (!), tenderloin and lobster and creme brulee. Needless to say, my fancy dress was too tight for all that deliciousness and as soon as we got back to the hotel to change we both promptly fell into a food coma and passed out. So no report on the Kingston nightlife!

The next day we walked around downtown, visited a huge flea market in the public square and did lots of great (and cheap!) shopping otherwise. We ate lunch at Chez Piggy (which I do not recommend if only for their shitty service) and shopped some more…culminating in the most exciting gift of all – my engagement ring (photo below) which came from the shop Sterling.

The actual proposal happened post ring-buying, as we sat at the waterfront and ate some cherries. Realizing we were too late to do a boat tour, we hopped back in the car and took the Ferry back through Wolfe Island…aka Land of 1000 Windmills. Back in the U.S. we made a stop at Tibbet’s Point Lighthouse in Cape Vincent (which is also an award-winning hostel), ate some more, stopped at the Redwood Tavern and eventually made our way home. Enjoy the photo tour!


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