Rent This Dome

My parents have been visiting the past few days, so I haven’t had a whole lot of time to blog, which means lotsa good photos coming soon, so get patient. In the meantime, obsessively belonging to ole’ Fritzy’s mailing list as I do, I recently received the following email worth sharing:

Subject: Sundown home-studio dome and gardens for rent starting July 14th

Dear friends and friendly relations,For at least 15 months, beginning July 14th, I will be temporarily moving out of Los Angeles and renting out my furnished three floor 2000 square foot hillside Glassell Park home/studio on Sundown Drive with mountain views, geodesic dome top floor, underground ‘cave’, terraced gardens, plus a huge 750 square foot underground garage that could be used as a studio. Monthly rent will be discounted because my two dear old dogs – Ivy, retriever mix, 11 and Olive, lab mix, 10 – who I can’t bear to relocate, will be in residence. This situation would be ideal for a person or couple (aside from a small skylit sleeping ‘hole’ in the cave, there are no separate bedrooms), non dog-owning dog-lovers (though if anyone happens to know of a good temporary home for them, the place could also be rented without them and full price), who enjoy gardens (mine is very low-maintenance though I am hoping for someone who likes to garden). I will be back in L.A. and able to meet with interested people starting June 30th. Feel free to pass this on.

Many Thanks,

Say what? For those who think my indoor-treehouse living situation is unique…forget it – Fritz’s dome is amazing!

You had me at “sleeping hole behind a painting.” But seriously, for those interested in renting it, email Fritz at

All images from Fritz Haeg’s Sundown Gardens and Residence


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