Catty Cathy

So due to the seasonal nature of jobs up here, I ended my run with Kring’s Nursery. I’m planning on just hopping on board again next year, and now that I’ve found a late-season, seasonal (thru October) job giving tours at Singer Castle on Dark Island, I can just hop back and forth every summer. That’s right, I now get a boat ride twice a day on the St. Lawrence, then hang out at a Castle. On an island. With secret passageways.

I had also gotten a job custom framing at Michael’s (in Watertown, NY,), but that all went downhill today, my first day. I arrived, purse and water bottle in hand, and the head framer immediately starts yelling vaguely at everyone (me being the only new person) “No drinks outside of the break room!” At this point, no one had even shown me where the break room was. And besides no one acknowledging that I didn’t exactly know what I was doing, I was put to work unloading the weekly delivery and putting all the items away on the shelves. This would have been a lot easier had they told me any sort of system or method etc….Whatever. So I’m unloading and I see the head framer helping a customer, so I pop over and ask if she would mind if I shadowed her to get a feel for the job. She obviously did mind, but said yes. As I’m watching, my elbow was apparently on the table (faux pas) because she turns to me, in front of the customer, and tells me to get my elbows off the table. So I take them off and apologize. No big deal. Then I’m helping to unload some more, look over at the custom framing area, and see her talking to the manager, imitating me with my elbows on the table. Excuse me? So I walk over and interrupt with “Yeah, sorrrry about that.” She tries to make it into some issue with professionalism, to which I point out that all she needed to do is tell me once, not talk about me in the next room.

Then I went back to work, but realized that a familiar feeling was developing in my gut. The very spirit of F THAT S. That sort of treatment in the workplace is exactly what I’ve been moving away from in the past 2 years, with this blog and these career changes and major moves. It will never be ok to be treated like that on your first day. I don’t care how threatened Miss Catty Cathy in the framing department felt, she is a grown-ass woman, as am I, and this is not high school. So I took my name tag off, threw it on the framing counter, and drove home. I might call tonight and let them know exactly why no one should be expected to work under that woman, or I might not. Maybe I’ll just go in there and make her wait on me by getting something custom-framed. Then tell her she did a shitty job. Because that’s the beauty of being the customer!

And besides, I’ve still got my freelance gardening and my freelance graphic design…Holla!

Singer Castle Flickr photo from peter231979


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