A-maze-ing Sunflowers

ITEM! Apparently a sunflower MAZE has opened up outside of Syracuse!

CAMILLUS, N.Y. — A new attraction in Central New York made a sunny debut. The Sunflower Maze and Walk recently opened on Route 5 in Camillus, behind the Inn Between Restaurant.

The maze is in the shape of a honey bee and creators hope it provides some cheap entertainment for families.

“I think after a family heads through the maze, they’ll feel happy. Something about sunflowers just makes it special to come out here with your family and enjoy,” said Joe Cesta.

I really want to go…even if just to see how it compares to nearby Alex Bay’s claim to fame: MAZELAND.

Photographer in maze from Syracuse Post Standard
Little girl in maze and sunflower close up from Town of Camillus


3 thoughts on “A-maze-ing Sunflowers

  1. I found your blog via Plants are the Strangest People. With a name like F that S – I knew I had to check it out. You’ve got a great combo of humor and visual beauty. Blog-rolling you so I can keep up!

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