Big (Green) Deal: Project Planet

I noticed the above door hangar at a motel recently, asking to “Please reuse the towels.” Now, this particular motel was not the type of place that I would assume provided fresh towels every day, and I can’t say I usually care if I get a clean towel every day for the few nights I’m staying somewhere, but the idea of the guest making the decision instead of housekeeping interested me…

Project Planet is a company “providing environmental programs to the hospitality industry.” The idea is simple: Large loads of laundry use large amounts of water (not to mention the soapy runoff), so encouraging a hotel guest to use the same towel for the length of his/her stay is one less towel going in the wash.

As I’ve said, reusing a towel doesn’t bother me (I mean, it usually takes me about 1 week+ to wash my own towels at home), but I’m not sure how this program will fly in nicer hotels – it does seem like the customer testimonials are from places like the Super 8 and Holiday Inn, not the Four Seasons. And not that someone shouldn’t get their due for coming up with a great idea, but $300 for the small startup package (which seems to consist of some door hangars, instructions for housekeeping and a spreadsheet) seems a bit high….and let’s not go into the cost/resources of printing of these materials…

But overall, not a bad idea…and like I’ve said – every little bit helps!


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