Garden Hunting

As Butch and I gear up to begin house-hunting, I’ve realized that besides making a list of what I want in a house, I need to write down what I require in a garden/garden space as well! A quick flip through Theme Gardens by Barbara Damrosch confirmed my suspicions that a messy (but actually very organized) English Cottage Style garden is the one for me. That of course affects the style of house that we’ll be getting…because I can’t very well hang morning glories all over a newly built double-wide! Obviously my house o’ dreams will have to be of the cottage/farmhouse/old stone building variety…

Above photos from Miss Pickering’s delightful post about the Easton Walled Gardens

From Country Home via Garden Rooms

From Katy Elliott

But for now there’s always the wee classic country garden from the Miniature Garden Shoppe (found via Nature as I see it):


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