Spotlight On: String Gardens

Amsterdam-based artist Fudor creates installations called String Gardens where plants and flowers are suspended at eye-level in a variation of  Japanese Kokedama style. Fudor explained to Urban Gardens that the objective is “to have the plants ‘find their balance’ as they grow and become heavier.”

The method for watering these gardens varies – with my favorite being the old “drip the liquid down the string” a la how the ninja’s poisoned James Bond’s wife in You Only Live Twice. It does seem a little wasteful that, because of their construction, “the majority of the plants need watering every three days to stay adequately saturated.” A solution might be to hang the string gardens above other plants or a water catchment system that could then reuse the water..

Regardless, they sure do have a nice look to them! The shape reminds me of pomander bouquets (yes, I’ve got weddings on the brain)…

For those interested in making your own Kokedama, here are some great instruction.

Photos from String Gardens


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