Tin Roof…Not Rusted

Wanna see the future house o’ dreams? I managed to convince our (extremely patient) broker to let me into the house just so I could take some photos to share with family and friends…and to get my redecorating juices flowing. Keep in mind, the furniture is not ours (although we are keeping the appliances), and that I have many big plans for the place all of which I’ll tell you about right now!

To start, here are a variety of views of the house and yard (the property slopes up from the road, with the house at the top):

That stone slab will eventually be covered up with a big deck that stretches all along the front of the house and across the addition we’ll eventually be sticking off the side (per when I start popping out babies, of course!)

I just about died when I saw these old stone walls – I’m envisioning a row of hydrangea bushes!

And there’s Hyde Lake across the road there – the view is amazing from the yard and the house!

Because of these amazing birch trees in the front yard, I will be naming the place “Five-Birch Perch.” You may expect a wood-burned sign at some point.

That’s my red Blazer parked in the back, btw…I’m all about the environment, you know.

Oh, and there are the cows/goats across the street. No, there are not going to be ours…But you know what cows mean don’t you, fellow gardeners? FREE MANURE!

That concrete hexagon was probably meant for a gazebo or something…for now I’m thinking fire pit/patio/sun-bathing spot…with a flower border, naturally. And yes, that is a little gardening shed, already built, with a little flower box on the front! In the background is a half-setup clothesline, not a cross for burning.

The attached open air shed currently has the riding mower in it (which we’re also getting with the house). I’ll probably also keep recycling/trash bins out there (there is no basement or attic). Eventually, that area is where the addition will go…

Let’s go inside!

Upon entering, to the left is the eating area. The seller is actually leaving that table (not the chairs), which is good since the table I have may be too large for that space…I think once that big deck is built, I would like to put a sliding glass door here – the view is just too good for these small windows.

And let me just say now that the style of the light fixtures is all over the place, and it’s one of the first things I’m going to address (along with “window treatments”).

Straight back is the newly renovated kitchen, with brand-new stove and fridge.

That ceiling fan is a perilously low – I’m going to move it upstairs to the master bedroom right away. And I want to paint the kitchen area a different color to separate the space – maybe a deep red or yellow or tan? The counters are dark green, so it’s tricky…Any ideas?

Edited to add: Mom has strongly voted against red and for tan. I agree.

The view from the front kitchen window – see the lake?

Turning right to the living room area. Now, even though this is a newer building (1997) the  materials are just amazing. Look at that floor (not to mention the beams)! The stove in the corner is propane – that’s what heats the whole house. I’m not sure how I feel about the track-lighting…will have to see about that.

The seller’s furniture does look nice in here, but he’s taking it all. Our stuff will look just as nice! Will definitely have to get a big armchair to match Butch’s couch. I’ll probably leave this whole open area painted white, and just bring color in with the accessories….Although I was debating painting the one wall behind the couch a color…maybe the green that you’ll see in the spare bedroom below?

Painting in the living room area has been vetoed by the multitudes.

Yeah, for some reason they built that open air shed over one of the windows…we’ll deal with that at some point for sure. For now I’ll just have to get crafty with the curtains.

Now into the bathroom around the corner…

The gray in here is nice. However, I will be replacing that mirror – it looks cheap. But I’m happy that at least there’s some storage under the sink, and the fixtures are nice.

Mom suggested a nice medicine cabinet for extra storage.

The “laundry-room” is also around the corner from the main area, next to the back door and spare bedroom. Right away I want to remove that clothing bar and install high cabinets above for linens instead.

Now into the spare bedroom:

This spare bedroom is in the back, with a view overlooking the cows – I don’t know why they didn’t also put in a window facing the lake…maybe someday we can add that. Not the biggest room, but big enough for Butch to set up his writing studio/hunting & fishing man-cave. He’s planning some custom shelving in here. I think that we should also build a corner closet for guests – the futon will be in here also for guests to sleep on. Will check out what’s under the rug…with cats (and a future dog) I want the least amount of carpet as possible. I do love the color in here!

Ok, now we’re turning around and going upstairs:

Probably gonna paint this upstairs landing area a bright, sunny yellow (I think the only painting I’m going to do is the kitchen alcove and the bedroom – let’s keep this simple). This will be my crafty den…with my desk, art books and dish chair by the window overlooking the flower beds in the backyard.

Notice the awesome floorboards again (that carpet isn’t attached and will probably be coming up). The boards were purposefully spaced slightly so that the heat from the propane stove fills the upstairs easier. The landing leads to the “master bedroom.” I put that in quotation marks because somewhere along the line someone decided to split the master bedroom in half with a wall to make two small bedrooms. That wall will be coming down IMMEDIATELY. The seller has actually offered to help us take it down, which is super nice of him.

You see, right now it’s like 2 identical halves of a whole…once that wall comes down I’m going to paint the master bedroom either gray or blueish gray – something calm. Then in place of these doors will be glass french doors. Oh, and the view is just incredible from the bedroom – eventually I would like to put in one big window instead of 2 regular sized ones!

Seems like Butch thinks we should install the bigger window immediately, and just get all construction done in that room at the same time. Sounds good to me – then he can go ahead and build me a nice big window seat!

And as I was leaving, I spotted a feather on the ground – a good omen indeed!

Ok, well there it is! I like that it’s in such a beautiful setting, how new it is (no 100-year-old wiring) and how energy-efficient (aka small) it is. The town it’s in (Theresa – the “th” being pronounced) actually runs on hydropower, so our electric bills will be low. And supposedly the school system is good. I know, weird to think about now, but eventually it will matter!

Probably won’t be moving in until closer to Christmas – there is a LOT of paperwork and legal mumbo-jumbo associated with buying a house. But I’m extremely excited and thankful for the whole thing, no matter how complicated it is! Will be keeping you all posted, especially on redecorating/renovations.

Edited to add: People have been voicing their concern over lack of closet space. While the bedrooms don’t currently have closets, there is a big walk-in closet locate right next to the master bedroom upstairs. I didn’t include the photo because it’s ugly…but here it is:


5 thoughts on “Tin Roof…Not Rusted

  1. *Cut and Pasted from Chat:

    Stephanie Porto
    oh corinne
    its going to be lovely

    Miss Corinne
    yeah – we liked it because there’s not a whole lot of work needed right off the bat
    just *decorating*
    and i’m welcoming suggestions

    Stephanie Porto
    i would say that i suggest NO CARPET
    rugs yes
    ikat patterns

    Miss Corinne
    oh yes
    also gabbeh rugs

    Stephanie Porto
    mexican, turkish, etc
    those beautiful patterns
    and i would suggest some sort of BIG SHADE TREE and a hedge or fern madness in the front
    ferns may not work
    but something that sort of delineates you from the road
    it seems a bit exposed right now. and nothing that will block that amazing view

    Miss Corinne
    totally agree

    Stephanie Porto
    but just something that defines the space
    those stone walls are INCREDIBLE

    Miss Corinne
    yeah – it seems that a couple small trees were planted, but i like the idea of a row of something
    i KNOW

    Stephanie Porto
    i would look at the landscaping and outdoor architecture around the hudson river valley
    i love that look
    what is that
    probably not
    but lots of stone
    low structures

    Miss Corinne
    yeah…there are a ton of stone houses up here – mostly with wild cottage garden style

    Stephanie Porto
    strong squat structures meant to live on the earth for a LONG TIME
    and very overgrown looking allmost with the plants
    i love that

    Miss Corinne
    a stone wall could also work along the road
    low wall i mean

    Stephanie Porto
    and 2 last suggestions
    i could be not seeing the vibrancy of the house color
    on the outside
    but it seems like it would be cool to give it a new coat
    maybe not even the classic rusty red??
    maybe a white wash??
    who knows
    and then also
    ive seen this look in farm houses
    and i LOVE IT
    it makes it so much more airy

    Miss Corinne
    yeah thats why i’m prob gonna leave most walls white
    i do love that look, but the wood used on these floors is super nice

    Stephanie Porto
    but that color you have on your floors is also realllllllly nice

    Miss Corinne
    but i didn’t even think about painting the outside
    right now its a medium dark brown
    i like the rusty red idea

    Stephanie Porto
    yeah that would be a classic take
    i also like this

    but thats shingled
    but i still like that color combo

    Miss Corinne
    oh yes, the cape cod

    Stephanie Porto
    omg your house is so good

    Miss Corinne
    so goood

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