Free Range Thanksgiving

For my parents’ 35th wedding anniversary back in August, my sister bought them a heritage turkey for us all to enjoy on Thanksgiving. The gobbler came from Emma’s Family Farm in Windsor, Maine, and was a Bourben Red turkey, reserved from birth. In fact, the farmer told us that Jocelyn earned the distinct honor of being the first person to order a turkey back in early 2010.

Because it was a free-range turkey/had less fat, it had to be cooked at a higher temperature, in a shorter amount of time. Emma’s Family Farm suggested applying copious amounts of butter under the skin, glazing with maple syrup, and covering it with a well-oiled parchment paper tent instead of aluminum foil. We didn’t have real maple syrup at the house, so mom made an herb butter instead.

Despite adding a little more prep stress to Thanksgiving, the turkey was delicious…and organic! While some might think the added cost isn’t worth the extra effort, you have to keep in mind where that money is going. Instead of paying pennies for a factory-raised bird, you’re supporting a local farmer and a more humane way of raising turkeys. While they were marked for dinner from day one, at least they got to run free in the time they had!


Photo form Local Harvest


2 thoughts on “Free Range Thanksgiving

  1. Cool!! we got a farm raised bird from a place up in Wycoff. It was raised sans hormones, natrurally fed, etc. Good bird.

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