And the Deep Blue Sea

Being perched on the edge of my seat, waiting for a closing date to actually happen sometime this century, I’ve had lots of time to gather ideas for the future house ‘o dreams. I was contemplating paint colors for the bedroom, when I happened upon the winner of the Room For Color Contest over at Apartment Therapy:

Done. It will feel just like being under the sea! The exact color I’ll have mixed will be called “Moonscape”….And what better reason than a dark, cozy room for that fluffy white down comforter I’ve always wanted.

I also like the idea of using tapestries as headboards. I’ve got a couple blue patterned ones my mom silk screened back in college – they would work perfectly stretched over a couple frames…if I don’t make them into curtains first!

As I’ve said, we’ll be knocking down that weird dividing wall right away, and we’ve already ordered a big picture window to let in as much light (and lake-view) as possible. I had asked Butch if he’d build me a window seat with storage similar to this…

…but in the spirit of using what we already have (I mean, we won’t have an attic or basement, so very little storage), I remembered I have an old steamer trunk left over from my summer camp days. All I’d have to do is scrape the old Green Day stickers off it and there ya go – a bench, with storage! But spray painting the whole thing white and then adding an amazing cushion on top would really seal the deal:

Oh well, I guess I’ll just have to be patient until I get those keys in my little hands to make these ideas a reality. Ho hum…

All images from various articles at Apartment Therapy


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