New House Inspiration Station

We FINALLY closed on the house December 30, yes, squeezing into the 2010 calendar/tax year, which is shocking considering how many ways the process was dragged out; from the underwriters coming up with a new piece of paperwork needed every week (including a letter from me explaining why a past employer spelled my name wrong on a W-2), to our loan officer sending me the wrong person’s final commitment to sign (I should have taken it – it was a more expensive house!) to our broker completely disappearing off the map (well, not exactly – she went to Hawaii). Everyone on “our team” gets a big fat “F” in my opinion.

Anyway, that frustration is over, and we’re moving in this weekend. Which means time to decorate – the inside at least. But I can also do some more dreaming about what our beautiful yard is going to look like come Spring…

Secret garden photo via Miss Stephanie

Midsummer Night’s Patio from Apartment Therapy


A photo outside ra in Belgium, taken by style rookie


A woman’s answer to the man cave from Post and Beam Living


4 thoughts on “New House Inspiration Station

  1. Congratulations! That’s amazing.

    My husband and I went to the bank to see if we could qualify for a loan but I guess our debt ratio is too high at the moment, even though I have amazing credit, average student loan payments, and an average car payment… It was so frustrating… Who did you get your mortgage through?

  2. Thanks! Yeah, luckily neither of us had credit card debt…but we did get resistance because Butch had a stretch of being on unemployment and I changed jobs a few times in the last 2 years. Whatever they can find to give you a hard time they will….all because the banks got themselves in a mess by loaning way to much to people that couldn’t afford it – shouldn’t be our problem, but it is! We used Carthage Federal Savings for our loan, but I would NOT reccommend them. I was very unhappy with how they handled things, but once the process got started, I didn’t feel like starting over with someone else.

    We need to make a date soon to meet up! I don’t work on Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays…

  3. I would love to meet up again! I’m starting grad school soon but the schedule is strange. I’ll have classes every Monday evening but the other two meet only three weekends and that’s it! So there will e a few busy Fridays but otherwise…

    I’m sorry you had a difficult time with Carthage. Someone actually suggested I try there, but they’re from out of town and have no experience with them. We went through Americu. We don’t have very high credit card debt – the problem is our student loans. It’s just so frustrating…

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