Stylishly Gardening Indoors

We’ve been steadily working on the house (don’t fret, photos coming soon!), and the interior design is slowly coming together. However, now that my plant are being strategically placed in a space that I own, I feel I finally need to look into using “grown up” decorative pots instead of reusing the cheapo plastic pots they came in. There’s also an area in the living room by a window that doesn’t seem appropriate for a piece of furniture, but might work with a plant stand of some kind…

Anyway, just spotted this indoor garden collection from West Elm on Apartment Therapy. Designed by Shane Powers, these glass and clay pieces would definitely match my decor without competing with it (or stretching my already stretched-thin wallet!) And while most are more for cut flowers, a few of the designs could work as planters as well:

Photos from Apartment Therapy


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