Gre(v)en(ts): Permaculture in Park Slope

Claudia Joseph, my amazing Permaculture teacher from back in the City, is starting a Permaculture Guild in Brooklyn. The first meeting is Saturday, February 5th, starting at noon, at the Old Stone House in Park Slope. I highly recommend this to everyone…Permaculture is not an elitist/hippie/vegan way of movement – it is an incredibly insightful way of life that is relevant to anyone regardless of their situation/beliefs/time/diet/etc….in other words: YOU!

Here’s the email Claudia sent to me:

A Permaculture Guild is Forming in PARK SLOPE
A guild is a traditional organizational approach for strengthening permaculturecommunities.
You are invited to attend an exploratory meeting to launch such a group in Park Slope, Brooklyn.

Saturday, February 5
Organizing meeting and brainstorming session
noon – 1pm mixer 1pm – 3pm at The Old Stone House – 5th Ave & 3rd St

Permaculture Potluck for the NY permaculture community.
Bring stuff to share open mixer 1pm – 3pm – everyone welcome
please rsvp

Permaculture Guilds support community connection by holding meeting space open.

Preliminary proposed so far:
Organizing work parties, play parties or “frolics”Skill share events
Educational workshops and walks
Community building – organizing larger efforts that assist other groups, locally and


To create meeting structures that operate within realistic time constraints

To identify potential organizing points

To create a web-site featuring the following:



Member Roster

Member Events

Affiliated Organizations

Bring your ideas and dreams!

Claudia Joseph

Photo from the Old Stone House website


4 thoughts on “Gre(v)en(ts): Permaculture in Park Slope

  1. I wish this weren’t so far away. I’m intensely interested in permaculture and would love to learn more about it. Most of what I know comes from Starhawk’s teachings.

  2. Oh, I didn’t know about that at Paul Smith’s. I’ll have to look into that sometime… This year is a bit busy with grad school, but I would love to take formal classes!
    I’ve heard of the institute near Ithaca. I actually have a friend who is very involved in it. I wish I were closer! Ithaca is supposed to be a paradise for anyone influenced by environmentalism, vegetarianism, or Paganism.

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