Big (Green) Deal: Keeping It (Not So) Real

Tyvek®, the ubiquitous house-wrap (and, in certain rural areas, the finished siding) has teamed up with Dupont™ and the Korean agricultural industry to develop a mulch specifically aimed at increasing the productivity of tangerines. Excessively scientific data on similar studies can be found, but the basic gist is as follows:

DuPont™ Tyvek® mulching is made of a unique material that has good reflectivity, low absorption and water resistance, yet is permeable to air and moisture. Used for more than 10 years in Japan, the Tyvek® mulching technology has proven to be effective in improving the appearance and taste of tangerines, growth rate and use of pesticides (due to lower pest population).

While I’m all for reusing materials, but it’s hard to trust a company that actually thinks covering your entire yard with Astroturf is a good idea (Disclaimer: My sarcasm does not apply to drought-prone areas, only lazy-prone ones). But only time will tell if big business truly has concerns about the environment, or if they’re just looking to ride the coattails of the green movement for some good press.

Tyveked McMansion from


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