Adventures In Natureland: Boldt Castle

Now that high-speed internet is finally hooked up at Five Birch Perch (yay, Recovery Act!), I’ve been going through my photos from summer/fall to see what I missed. When my parents visited at the end of June, we went on the touristy Uncle Sam boat cruise on the St. Lawrence, gawked at the island mansions on Millionaires Row, and ended up at the (in)famous Boldt Castle (not to be confused with Singer Castle, where I was a temporary tour guide). For history and furnished interiors, I actually recommend Singer, but when it comes to landscaping, Boldt can’t be beat:


One thought on “Adventures In Natureland: Boldt Castle

  1. I visited Boldt Castle when I was very young. Since moving up here, I keep wanting to take my husband. Neither of us have been to Singer Castle. I’m intrigued that you say the interiors are more interesting. I remember a lot of dry wall inside Boldt Castle.

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