Spotlight On: 1000 Islands Agricultural Tour

Driving into downtown Theresa the other day, I noticed nearby Broken Spur Ranch had a sign out front: “Stop #11 on 1000 Islands Agricultural Tour.” So naturally I had to see what it was all about via trusty Google. Like the 1000 Islands Seaway Wine Trail, the Agricultural Tour is a way for tourists (and locals!) to explore local agriculture-based businesses. While also including nearby wineries, like Coyote Moon and 1000 Islands Winery (where our wedding is happening in July!), the Tour also features personal favorites Cross Island Farms (on Wellesley Island) and Home Again Farm (home of this guy), as well as many others I’ve never heard of…guess I’ll just have to go check them out!

Here are some photos from the 1000 Islands Agricultural Tour website:

Map also from 1000 Islands Agricultural Tour website


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