One Year Later

It’s been exactly one year since Butch and I packed all we owned into a Uhaul truck and left my (mostly) beloved Brooklyn behind. The last year has been an interesting, and sometimes surprising, one, but I’m finally starting to feel like I’m finding my place.

Of course, there are still times when I miss art openings and pow-wows with my lady-friends and calling Empanada Man from Clem’s at midnight when I’m hungry…but the times they are (always) a’changin’…let’s see what the next year brings!

(Hey Brooklyn peeps: recognize this building?)



One thought on “One Year Later

  1. I’ve been here for a year and half now. I feel the same way – I’m finding my place. I do miss a lot from my hometown – mostly my family, friends, and local indie cafes. Oh, and there was this great theater at a local museum that showed independent and foreign films. As I spend time exploring in the North Country, I’ve found new things to do. My husband isn’t as content but it’s mostly because he has a hard time making friends… These things take time, though. I remember spending at least a year or two in college before I felt like I found my niche.

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