The Five Birch Perch…In Progress

Back in November, I shared photos of our “house-to-be,” which we closed on the last day second in December. Now, 2 months later, I finally feel (mostly) comfortable sharing the Perch in Progress.

I tried to take similar shots to those I took originally (feel free to access the original post for “before” views), but skipped the outdoor shots since, well, it’s the last dregs of winter and fairly unattractive outside. So let’s just stay inside where it’s warm…


I realized that my 1950’s Formica table actually fit just fine, but since I never had matching chairs, Butch’s mom was nice enough to buy us these awesome ones from I bought tan striped cushions from Bed Bath and Beyond this weekend, which I think softens the look nicely. You’ll notice that curtains are up! They are all made out of shower curtains or discounted tablecloths I found at Target.

Still haven’t decided how I feel about that light hanging over the table. I might modify it at some point so that it matches better stylistically. The random light right next to it will be taken out…Someday that entire wall will be turned into a sliding glass door to the deck that doesn’t exist yet.

We’re still working on the “landing strip” area where you first walk in…we need to set up some sort of attractive recycling station, but for now – it’s milk crates!

I painted the kitchen a tan color right away, and I like how it separates the space just enough. Since I didn’t want to drive myself crazy painting in-and-out of all the wood beams, I taped a straight line across where we’ll eventually put up a thin piece of trim all around. The stupid ceiling fan is still there – it will be taken out, but I have to figure out a different fixture to put there since we do use the light.

I made the window above the sink pretty since it’s where I spend the most time when I’m in the kitchen (because lord knows, I’m not the one cooking). Now, back to the living room:

Looking at these photos makes me realize just how much that hideous track lighting needs to go ASAP! We never turn them on…the most they get used is that the one closest to the heater serves as a nice hanging rack for drying clothes. We get plenty of light between the light over the table, the one on the wall behind the couch and my lamp next to the chair, so I don’t know if we would even need to put anything in their place. Not too high on my list of to-dos.

I’ve been trying out my old camp trunk as coffee table/DVD storage. I still  need to scrape all my old band stickers off and add some casters… and I might even paint it or cover it with fancy paper.

Some of the couch pillows need to be changed or re-covered. Right now we’re trying to train Freddy-dog to not eat his gross rawhide bone on the couch, so until the pillows won’t be covered with gunk, I won’t be spending too much time messing with them.

Next winter we want to try to replace this heater with something more efficient. Butch says a wood stove, but I’m leaning more towards a pellet stove (I think we could get a tax break). It will depend on what we can afford or if anyone is getting rid of an old one. I also need to figure out the “entertainment center.” Right now there are cords everywhere! I want Butch to build a unit that can hold everything, including the records.

Some of the details. I love the blue tones of all the art above the sofa – there’s a piece by my Mom, one by my Nana, one by me, and a couple prints by other artists I like. I did a post recently on wanting “grown up” planters for my house plants. I found the most beautiful glazed clay pots at TJ Maxx – and I think the most I paid for one was $10. Budgie budget!

I made the mobile from a dead branch, shells, sea glass and jewelry notions. I’ve been meaning to start my own crafty biz, but I think it will have to wait until next summer (since planning the wedding is taking up most of my time this year). One last view of the living/dining room before we move on to the bathroom:

Mostly just “accessorizing” in the bathroom. Since the walls were already a very light grayish/blue, I chose items to match that. I picked up some pale blue bathmats from our Christmas-time trip to Ikea in Jersey, found the shower curtain online at Bed Bath and Beyond, hung the towel set that was given to us at our engagement party, and made some art to match.

I have my eye on some soap and lotion pumps to streamline things on the sink, but there isn’t too much left to do in here.  We have plenty of storage under the sink and in the medicine cabinet. The only thing I’d like to work on (besides the heat in here!) is building some sort of bench/seat to disguise the kitty litter.

I hung some sheer curtains from Target to disguise the laundry area/broom closet. Hanging a shelf above the washer/dryer created the “linen closet,” although it looks like I need to stop at the dollar store and buy one more whicker bin (who knew I had so many linens!).

I hung an identical shelf on the opposite wall, for “junk” (could I use any more quotation marks?), although a lot of that sort of stuff is stashed in the walk-in closet upstairs. Due to the high ceiling in this one area, Butch and I were talking about creating one of our storm shelters here – canned goods and such.

Ok! Time to go upstairs:

Did you notice that a second handrail was added? Good thing, because these stairs are a doozy! Eventually we’re going to redo these stairs so that they’re not so steep – by adding a landing at the bottom and a couple steps out to the side from there. Behind the stairs is another possible storm shelter area – we’d have to build some sort of closet…but Butch is also supposedly building a small garage/shed this summer, so we’ll definitely have some storage there also. Anyway…

My craft room!!! I haven’t had a crafty space of my own since I lived alone back in Brooklyn. I made sure to have separate business/casual areas, and the one straight wall was perfect to hang all the shelves for my books. I also took advantage of the wall in the stairwell to hang shelves specifically for my shrines. It’s nice having a little reading nook and a large floor area to spread out for big projects. Butch brought me home a can of “mistake” paint from work – a light green like the big pillow on the chair – so I’m thinking I may paint the lower part of the slanting wall, just to add some color.

Now onto the grand finale – the bedroom! I actually took a lot of in-progress photos of this room, but since this post is already long enough as it is, here are the (almost) finished shots. Don’t forget how this room (or should I say, rooms) looked before.

First, let’s talk about THE WINDOW! Butch put it in himself (after knocking down that weird divider wall) in an afternoon. The framing on the outside still needs to be finished, and he’s just starting to put the trim around it now, but what a difference, right? He also insisted on also putting in a wood ceiling (He still has to add some edging), and I’m glad he did since it looks amazing!  The light was ordered from his work, and the curtains were made from one of those Target tablecloths. Oh, and of course – the paint color: Moonscape.

It’s so big in here… I should get a pair of roller skates or something! While I did buy new sheets recently to match, what I really want is a big fluffy white comforter. All the white furniture really pops in here (I’ll be painting my bedside suitcase-table white also).

That rickety chair is just a place-holder. I eventually want a big comfy (and white) armchair with ottoman. Then it really will feel like a “master bedroom.”

I had to put my dresser at an angle so the mirror would fit. I’ve had that dresser (and the little bookcase) since I was a kid, so there’s no messing with it! I didn’t show you the other corner of the bedroom because currently it’s home to “Mt Laundry” courtesy of Butch and his lack of a dresser of his own…a situation that will hopefully be amended sooner than later! We also need to scrub all that drywall dust off the floor.

I also didn’t take any photos of the walk-in closet 1. Because I forgot, and 2. Because it really is not exciting to look at. It looks like one of those “before” (last quotations, I swear!) shots for a closet makeover. I’ll eventually deal with it, but for now, there’s bigger fish to fry. Let’s see how the new, improved view is!

Cows (and goats)! So that’s all the news that fit to print. More updates to come once we start tackling the gardening/landscaping. Hope you enjoyed the tour!


5 thoughts on “The Five Birch Perch…In Progress

  1. WOW!! You found the perfect chairs for the kitchen! And I like the lights above the table…….the curlicue on the top mimics the roundness of the chairs.
    Love the color in the kitchen. Wait til after the warm weather to remove the ceiling fan. You may be thankful you have that (or maybe the COOK will enjoy the breeze!)
    Good choices for curtains!
    Your bedroom is awesome! Spacious, bright and I love the moonscape color! We always had trouble fitting that dresser in under the eaves, but the mirror really makes the dresser special, so we fit it in somehow, too!
    I’m jealous for your crafty area! I like the separate sections. Lots of space. Now lets see you mess it up some!!
    Well, it sounds like you and Butch, Smash, Grimm, and Freddy are all very happy and settled in. Congrats on a job well begun……mom

  2. It’s just awesome what you & Butch have done to your home. And the view out the new picture window!
    Love, Daddio

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