Bad Weather Activity: Green Craft Magazine

Being an early supporter of Readymade Magazine, then an early hater when they fired their entire (mostly female) staff and relocated to the midwest to be closer to corporate hq, I decided recently to give it another chance…The verdict is still out on whether it’s regained its original, innovative pinache (I mean, I think they’ve shown how to build a raised bed for veggies about 10 times at this point)…we’ll see. 

Besides Readymade, I also subscribe to Organic Gardening, but really wanted something that would inspire me to create. While browsing the magazine section at Borders recently, I made an exciting discovery: Green Craft Magazine.

Not the cheapest buy at $15 a pop (it’s a thick quarterly), but I don’t exaggerate when I say it’s chock full o’ ideas. And not just crazy-cat-lady-worthy creations – I’m talking actually stylish, wearable, giftable ideas…Oh, if only I had this magazine during my tween years (Although at least I had Sassy)!

But no, I did not buy it, since I saw that I could also download the digital version of each issue onto my compy for only $9. Side Note: It would be nice if more magazines were available for download/online-only subscriptions.

If thrifting and refurbishing is more your (green(ish)) thing, there’s equally new mag Flea Market Style. And for just general creative inspiration, my new fave: Where Women Create

And no, I’m not being paid for any of these endorsements (I wish!), just sharing the good word on some genuine crafty goodness.


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