Tern of Events

I was alerted by new friend M that Save the River and the Thousand Islands Land Trust are looking for volunteers for Friday, April 1st, to paint Tern decoys for the Common Tern Monitoring Program. I have Fridays off, and love a good art project (especially with an environmental purpose), so I let them know to count me in! More info can be found here.

It seems that there will more volunteer opportunities with Save the River and T.I.L.T., and I’m also going to register as a volunteer with Ducks Unlimited, which I blogged about a little while back. I can already feel how amazing it will be to get out there and be a part of such wonderful and important projects. I have definitely been feeling a bit directionless since moving up here, so it will be nice to put forth appreciated effort that yields substantial, world-changing effects!

Photo of unpainted tern decoys from Save the River


4 thoughts on “Tern of Events

  1. I am *so* excited that you’re doing this. Let me know how it goes! I really want to get involved with Save the River too but haven’t had an opportunity yet. Please let them know you have another interested friend!

  2. I’m so proud of you for doing this. Volunteerism is so important. You’re a mencsh! ………………..mom

  3. I’m excited too! Between Save the River and the Thousand Islands Land Trust, there are a bunch of events (both volunteer and otherwise) being offered for the summer.

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