Spotlight On: FarmTina

I just wanted to do a quick “Spotlight On” on my friend Martina’s wonderful micro-farm/blog FarmTina. Martina is an illustrator/web designer/social media maven whose “farm” is a container garden in the concrete backyard of her Brooklyn apartment. She is also my favorite kind of green(ish) person: Not in it to make any kind of political/environmental message, genuinely excited about the process (and of course, the result) of gardening, and non-preachy to the nth degree! I mean, how can you not love someone who says:

By the time I discovered that vegetables came from the ground, I was old enough to be embarrassed that I hadn’t known that sooner.By growing my food and interacting with it from start to finish, I hope I can learn some things about the world that I’ve missed by living my whole life in cities. This private concrete space is my ticket to understanding the entire living world!

I have no agricultural experience. I am learning and researching and guessing throughout this entire process. I’m also trying to do this as cheaply as possible, and have so far managed to use mostly found or recycled materials for everything from my watering hose to my vegetable seeds. I’m documenting my discoveries and mistakes and farm evolution here because boys are impressed by girls who write blogs. I also want to be able to share what I’m doing and get some feedback.

If you’re interested in reading more out-of-context quotes from Martina, and learning more about the growing food movement in Brooklyn, check out this recent NY Post article (warning: there is some unnecessary snark from that guy who created Stuff White People Like, who, honestly I didn’t know was still around).


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