Saving the River

…or at least the Terns that use it! I went out on the St. Lawrence today with Save the River and Thousand Island’s Land Trust staff and volunteers to set up the grid and boxes for soon-to-be-nesting Terns (and to set out our magnificent decoys). It was my first outing on the River this year and a beautiful day for it! About 15 of us (plus a reporter from channel 7 news) took over Eagle Rock to set up the nesting grid – essentially over-sized netting that Terns have no problem nesting under but other, larger birds stay away from. I also hopped over to a neighboring shoal to set up a couple nesting boxes…smaller versions of the large netting we did at Eagle Rock.

Scampering over the rocks, using power tools and chatting with interesting people (not to mention, the free lunch) made for a fun morning. I also talked with Jake from T.I.L.T. about me using my gardening skills to help with their community garden over at Zenda Farm…we’ll see where that goes!

During the day it also came up that Save the River is hiring a full-time Program Manager.* I was toying with the idea of applying, but I don’t think I’m really qualified, plus I know now that I have to be working in a creative position otherwise I don’t feel fulfilled. Not to mention I have way too much going on at the moment, between work, planning the wedding, working on our house/garden, starting up my landscaping business again (got some new clients!) and even a sporadic social life. Busy little bee!

*T.I.L.T. is also hiring: Summer Land Steward


Photo credit: On the Rocks by Nick Apel from the Save the River website


5 thoughts on “Saving the River

  1. Sounds great! I’m so happy one of us got to do this. I really want to do something with one of these groups in the near future. C’mon schedule – free up!

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