GRE(v)EN(ts): Earth Day 2011 in Watertown

Originally from Newzjunky:

An Earth Day celebration is scheduled for Thursday, April 21, 2011 in Watertown at the Dulles State Office Building, New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC)Regional Director Judy Drabicki announced today. This commemoration of Earth Day will be set up from 9 a.m. until 4 p.m. in the lobby, with exhibits, activities, presentations and information for all ages. 

“There will be 20 exhibits, including giveaway items, activities for students, educational lessons, and Smokey the Bear and Woodsy Owl will be greeting young people,” Director Drabicki said. “One theme for the day is ‘Professionals Working to Protect Our Environment’ and in addition to this year being declared by the United Nations ‘International Year of Forests’ many exhibits will have a tree related theme. DEC employees will be explaining how our agency is protecting the environment, other agencies and organizations will explain the important work they do in fun and interactive ways.”

Highlights of activities and exhibits include:

Forestry Division — giving away free tree seedlings, information on invasive species.

Woodsy Owl and Smokey the Bear — will be on hand.

Air Quality Division — information on improving the air, burning barrel demonstration and light bulb energy use.

Fisheries Unit — live fish, demonstration of fish netting.

Wildlife Unit — live and mounted animals.

Solid Waste – Button Making and information on recycling

Spills Unit – Exhibit on how gasoline and oil spills get cleaned up.

Tree identification notebook activity by NYS Parks Minna Anthony Common Nature Center.
Development Authority of the North Country – Importance of the 3 “R”s.

New York State Department of Transportation will have information about its environmental and landscape initiatives in road construction.

Environmental Conservation Police Officers, Mining, Surveying Fort Drum Office of Natural Resources, Save the River, Tug Hill Tomorrow Land Trust, Cooperative Extension, and Soil and Water Conservation District will all be there with important information.

The Earth Day celebration is free and open to the public. School will be on spring break and students are welcome to visit, girl and boy scout leaders are encouraged to line up a field trip to visit the displays and speak with staff who are involved with protecting our environment.

For more information, contact Stephen Litwhiler at 315-785-2252.

Image from Sacramento Scoop


4 thoughts on “GRE(v)EN(ts): Earth Day 2011 in Watertown

  1. Monthly massage?! Now that’s an idea…

    I wish I could go, but we are full staff this week for Easter, so I’ll be at work – feel free to stop by and smell the roses!

  2. I love that watercolor! There’s some Earth Day events here in Portland on Friday………..

  3. The way I see it, some ladies spend money each month for a mani and a pedi. That’s not really for me… I’ll pamper myself with massage instead! Besides, my job has me slouching a lot. I get achey.

    I’m sorry you can’t make it! Perhaps I’ll be able to convince my husband to visit the flower shop with me. 😉

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