The Garden Begins

A lot has been happenin’ at the Five Birch Perch – especially with our gardens-to-be. We started our seeds for the veggie and herb gardens (with a few flower seeds started for good measure), and set up the mini-greenhouse by the back door/laundry area.

Look at those little guys growing! Butch also marked out where the veggie garden is going in the yard and will be having a neighbor come over to till soon. I’ve also got some mini rose bushes to plant once it gets warmer and my shrubs and trees are on their way.

Until I can be sure that the last frost really is, well, last frost, I can only play out in my bulb garden. It was such a treat to discover beautiful double daffodils and iris coming up already, so I’ve steadily been adding past-prime bulbs left over from work.

The view from the craft room window upstairs:

And cut flowers on the table always look good:

And a few updates on my decorating/indoor gardening. I got a new Nephthytis from work (my old one got munched on by Freddy-dog), and have been scouring the Maxx for cool planters and vases.

Not to mention, the library was having a book sale and I found THIS:

Just a little serenity on a Sunday afternoon…my first day off after 6 straight (to be followed by 2 more weeks like this – ugh). But Spring and gardening is on the horizon, along with volunteering and fun outings like roller derby and film festivals and craft fairs, and of course, the wedding!


5 thoughts on “The Garden Begins

  1. Gorgeous photos! Your bulb garden is lovely.

    Did you go to the roller derby bout? I went to my first while visiting family. I got to see my friend from Troy play against Utica and it was awesome! My hubby thinks I should try it but I don’t know… I’m looking forward to the film festival!

  2. I got some grape hyacinths for Butch! And I liked the idea of a bulb garden bed…but I’m sure I’ll have to pepper in some annuals once things start to die back.

  3. Yes! We went a couple Saturdays ago. The arena was surprisingly packed and our team was actually very good (only lost by 2 points)…will def be checking out their other home games. Funny – Butch said the same thing “you should try out”….most likely because of the short shorts!

    Yeah film fest is gonna be fun! I’m not working on Friday (my day off this week), so we should meet up for dinner…maybe Fairgrounds Inn? I’ve had a portabello sandwich there that was incredible…

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