Bookworm: and I shall have some peace there

My mom suggested I check out author/blogger/gardener (and former Martha Stewart Magazine editor) Margaret Roach after she was scheduled to come speak at an event in Maine recently. She didn’t show at the event (flight was canceled due to a snowstorm), but I checked our her second book, and I shall have some peace there, from the library.

For some reason the library only had an advanced reading copy, so I don’t want to (mis)quote her here, but this book really struck a chord with me. It chronicles Roach’s transition from City cubicle to rural residence. At times seemingly redundant (“shit or get off the pot,” you want to say), peace still manages to moves along at about the speed it takes an unsatisfied traveler to reach the threshold to change. And as a fellow procrastinator who is unfortunately also impatient with extremely high expectations of everyone and everything (including myself), I completely related to her are we there yet? tone. Change is inevitable, at whatever rate it decides to arrive. I could benefit by learning how to find peace, no matter how or when things happen.

The self-deprecating way Roach writes keeps the story from getting too preachy–She never acts like some guru on the mountain, possessing untouchable knowledge while demanding accountability from everyone around her–she demands it of herself. And that earns my respect. After all, we’re all travelers–nobody is better than anybody else. We all could better ourselves. Roach quotes the ancient sage Atisha–Be grateful to everyone. Even those times and people you can’t imagine being thankful for, they helped get you where you are today.

Our stories have such similar moments, a recognition that Roach herself pokes fun at (when you’re on a journey such as this, anything can be interpreted as a/the sign). The stops and starts, second-guesses and startling epiphanies, not to mention the backdrop of country life and gardening-therapy, all made me realize that I’m experiencing a story as old as time. We are all connected. Moving up here was a step in the right direction (all missteps since aside), and continuing to follow my inner compass will bring me to where I’m supposed to be, both inside and out. I can’t help but believe that I’m on the right track.


3 thoughts on “Bookworm: and I shall have some peace there

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