Green(ish) Guest Post: Mom Reviews the Garden Kneeler

My mom (not pictured above) has an April birthday, meaning she obviously should receive presents related to gardening! Since my parents moved to a lakefront house a few years ago, Mom has had the challenge of not just dealing with different soil and light, but different terrain. And not saying she’s gettin’ older or anything, but I felt the option to sit instead of crawl around in the garden might be nice for her. Hey, it might be nice for me! Well, she just went wild over the kneeler, and brought up all sorts of selling points that I hadn’t even thought of when I bought it…so I asked if she wanted to do a Green(ish) Guest Post/Review:

Deep Seated Kneeler from Gardener’s Supply Reviewed by Mom

Corinne bought me the BEST birthday present. I love gardening, but find it hard to get up from my kneeling pad. She got me one of those metal framed gardener’s seats that can be turned over to be a well cushioned kneeling pad. And you use the upturned “legs” to pull yourself back up. The bonus benefits are that when it’s turned over to be a kneeling pad it’s still a couple of inches off the ground, only the legs are in the dirt. So you can place it almost anywhere without harming your young plants. Plus your toes can comfortably point down. The only small complaint I have is that you have to squeeze a metal mechanism to close it up, which is a bit awkward. Maybe I’ll just leave it open and ready to use. Thanks Corinne, for making gardening comfortable again!


5 thoughts on “Green(ish) Guest Post: Mom Reviews the Garden Kneeler

  1. ohmygosh, my mom needs one of those. Thanks for the review, Mommy Corinne! I never would’ve thought to use the upturned legs as handles to push yourself up but that makes so much sense.

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