Plant Lights

…and no, I don’t mean the usual Growponics-style technology that is commonly used by everyday consumers for questionable activities. I’m talking light fixtures that also happen to be usable planters.

The solar-powered Green Light by the xDesign Environmental Health Clinic at NYU (via Popular Mechanics):

The Lightpot by Studio Shulab (via Dwell):

Luminescent LED planters by Rotoluxe (via Inhabitat):

The “Vase & Leuchte” (vase & light) by German designer Miriam Aust (via The Design Blog):

Tutoring by Aurélien Veyrat & Tanguy Nguyen (via Moco):

The IVY lamp by Izabela Cichecka and Marcela Kawka (via Yanko Designs):

Flora: Plant Lamp by Evan Clabots for Ikea (via Hometone):

This is by no means a complete list. Many of these were found via Trendhunter, where you could literally spend hours clicking on all the links listed there. And then there are planters that look like lamps and old light fixtures being used as planters….


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