Sharing the Love

New friend M of The Ditzy Druid was oh-so-sweet to give me a Blog Award to show how much she loves F that S! She said my blog “is full of art, environmentalism, and interior decorating ideas.” That’s a nice succinct description…why didn’t I think of that? I equally ❤  her blog, where she shares not only her experiences as a “Druid-in-training,” but her nature-walks and crafty undertakings. My kinda gal!

Now onto the Rules of this prestigious award:

If you are tagged…Thank the person who gave you the award
Share 7 random bits about yourself
Pass the award on to a few of your favorite blogs
(And don’t forget to let them know!)

So here are the blogs I picked:

A Way To Garden: I discovered Margaret Roach thanks to my mom and, after reading her book, became an avid follower of her blog. I appreciate the “horticultural how-to and woo-woo,” especially coming from such a kindred spirit.

FarmTina: I did a complete “Spotlight On” FarmTina a little while back, but will always give an extra shout out to this inspiring Brooklyn farmerette! Her blog is a testament to how no lawn is required to garden successfully – just containers and some sass. One of the people I wish I had hung out with more back in college, but no matter…now we’re internet friends!

Kay Loves Vintage: A perfect blog to visit when I need to remember that beauty is all around me…especially in my own home. I adore Scandinavian design and could probably take a lesson from how at peace with the world Kay seems to be.

MWF Seeking BFF: The most dead-on guide to making friends in the post-college/pre-children years. At least now I don’t feel like it’s just me who finds it difficult (helpful tip: moving to a new town doesn’t help).

Magdalena Long: Observations. Experiments. Stuff. Mags was literally the first person I met in Brooklyn and her post-college treks around the world and home again are so inspiring. Plus, we have similar graphic design tastes, so I always like the stuff she digs up.

Some posthumous picks:

of the spirit and frivolous fawn 23: I wish Denise and Rachel would revive their blogs – I always loved seeing what wonderful visual goodness they had come up with…And, Angela: did inspiration fix die before it had yet begun to live (sort of like a certain Tomogatchi back in highschool)? C’mon, ladies, bring sexy back!

Ok, now 7 things about me:

1) I absolutely cannot sleep with socks on. Doesn’t matter if the rest of me has 20 layers on and my toes have turned to icicles. Not happening.

2) I saw a ghost in the woods behind my house growing up. Full-figured apparition. How do I know it was really a ghost? He was wearing a top hat and tails…in the woods of Maine. He also appeared to me years later when I lived in Stephanie’s apt, but that place was creepy, so no surprise there.

3) I went to school for graphic design, but only chose that major so I could make art while also making money. I have always suspected that my heart wasn’t completely in it, which is why I only do it on the side now.

4) Sometimes I feel that I have too many hobbies. Once the wedding is finally over, I really need to sit down and focus on which crafts I’m best at, and which are the most lucrative. My goal is to have merch ready to enter the major craft shows up here next summer.

5) A few years ago I discovered a feather on the threshold of my apartment building. I had a feeling it was a sign, and 2 minutes into a google search I discovered Path of the Feather. Since then I have found numerous feathers and try to save every one to remind myself that I’m on the right path. Last time I found one was when I was taking photos of our house-to-be. Since then I haven’t found any…not sure if that’s good or bad.

6) If I could only eat a few things for the rest of my life: Marinated artichokes, cheese (any cheese), and sauteed brussel sprouts.

7) If I need a good cry, I watch The English Patient. A good laugh, Big Lebowski or Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure. If I just want to feel that the world is a wonderful, magical place: Amelie.

Whew! Ok, back to Green(ish) things…


2 thoughts on “Sharing the Love

  1. Someday we have to talk about our ghost experiences. I saw one – or some sort of spirit – when I was little too. It’s been a big influence on my belief in other worlds and beings.

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