Gardening By Moonlight

While exploring the vast universe of the internet, I came across a gardening method I had never heard of before: Astrological Gardening. Basically:

To fully understand the basics of zodiac gardening you must take into account the position of the moon and it’s relationship to the constellations. The optimum time for planting, growing and harvesting crops by the zodiac is when the moon crosses whichever of the zodiac constellations that benefits that particular task. Also, it is important to consider the phase of the moon at the time you perform gardening chores.

As a long-time believer in horoscopes (let’s just say I own multiple Aquarius necklaces), I felt that a garden guided by the stars may have some merit…we as humans are affected by the phases of the moon and by planetary movements, so why not plants? However, the more I read into Astrological Gardening, the more it began to seem a little too precise. According to, you’re only supposed to sow seeds of plants that grow above ground during a waxing moon… And if the moon is in Leo it’s a good time to weed, so are you not supposed to weed at other times (regardless of your garden being choked with weeds)?

On the other hand, ye old Farmer’s Almanac makes mention of the Astrological Timetable, and they’re one of the most reputable sources when it comes to gardening. I have even heard people up here in the North Country say they wait to plant until after May’s full moon…but that seems more of a timing related precaution to avoid any late-season frosts, since most everyone seems to wait until Memorial Day weekend before they dare touch seedlings to soil.

It seems to me that a more in-tune method is Phrenology which, in short, means paying attention to the natural world around you and taking your gardening cues from there. That’s what the animals/plants do. For example, only now have the lilacs up here begun to bloom, even though they started in April of last year…And I’ve heard more than one seasoned gardener say that they always wait until they hear the peepers before they plant anything. Nature knows how to take care of herself, and we could benefit from mimicking her survivalist style!

All in all, I’m not sold on the idea of gardening by the stars. However, a garden designed after your star sign or even the elements in the zodiac could be interesting…


2 thoughts on “Gardening By Moonlight

  1. I’ve always been intrigued by such things too. Like you, the precision prevents me from truly digging in (yuck yuck yuck). As I work more closely with the phases of the moon, I may try to coordinate some gardening with it next year. I think that would be easier to do than go according to the zodiac. I’m definitely a fan of phrenology – a very Druidic concept, really. To the ancient Celts, spring came when they sheep started to lactate and the harvest festivals started when the crops were good and ready.

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