Spotlight On: Yestermorrow Design/Build School

The Yestermorrow Design/Build School, located in rural Vermont, has been offering a variety of home (and garden) design classes since 1980. From cabinet making to mosaics, rustic furniture building to rain-water garden design to yurt building their creativity-inspiring course list has something for everyone. And for those who want more of a full immersion, they have internships too. It’s the start of the season now, so if you want an amazing experience at a real-deal sustainability center, Yestermorrow is where I would recommend.

I’ve been getting Yestermorrow’s mailing list for a while, and every time I get one I feel that familiar itch to take a class and learn something new! It’s too bad they’re not closer, since it looks like it would be a beautiful as well as educational retreat. At least I can still soothe my creative soul with classes at the local Thousand Islands Art Center… Now I just need to decide whether to create a Shirbori silk scarf or an Adirondack braided basket…or maybe both?


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