A Garden of One’s Own – Opening Weekend

A lot has been happening at the Perch lately, and this Memorial Day weekend was no exception! Besides BBQ’s and bonfires, classic car shows and gardening for other people, I managed to find time to get a little yard work of my own done.

A few weeks ago we put in our mail-order trees (1 Scarlet Maple, 1 Blue Spruce and 5 Pines), and now we finally got the Hydrangeas (2 Peaches & Cream and 1 White) and the Lilac in the ground…complete with deer fencing:

I was originally going to till the entire length of the top stone wall and make that into a flower and perennial bed, but it’s just way too much work for me with everything else going on. Instead I filled 8 pots for my “patio” that I bought at the dollar store with a mix of flowers from work:

2 pots have a geraniums, coleus and vinca vine with a spike:

2 pots have portulaca:

2 pots have dahlias (our wedding flowers!) and sweet potato vine:

And 2 pots have dusty miller, celosia, German ivy and a little more coleus:

And check out the patio set – bought at a yard sale for cheap! I just need to buy new cushions and an umbrella:

Before the wedding, I need to weed the cement and paint it a funky color (plus hang the “Five Birch Perch” sign I made)….I also potted up some plants and cuttings for the steps (although, someone at work just gave me a cool vintage plant stand, so these might get moved to that):

Pots include a few rose bushes from work that were done flowering, what was left of the nephtytis that Freddy-dog ate, my burrow’s tail (which hopefully will do better now that it’s outside) and one of my purple oaxalis plants…

I’ve been wanting to pot something in this cool old collander…and the purple oaxalis (also known as shamrock) really pops, especially with a mini pink flamingo for flair:

I also wanted a beautiful hanging begonia, but Kring’s didn’t have any (!), so I settled for this lovely light blue lobelia to hang on my shepherd’s hook:

I think I might plant a bunch of hostas under it, since that’s where the shade is. We also set up our “fire-pit” area (aka, where we burn our cardboard trash instead of paying to drop it off at the dump):

I would like to paint the cement here too – maybe a spiral design? You can see our shipping-pallet compost pit in the back and where we’ve tilled for our veggie garden off to the side…The seedlings are ready to be planted any day now:

And last but not least, my “secret garden” area – the back bed where I’ve been planting anything from extra annuals, to past-prime bulbs to perennials friends have given me…complete with the “free” chair I found on our street (needs a cushion):

So that’s what has been g(r)o(w)ing on!


3 thoughts on “A Garden of One’s Own – Opening Weekend

  1. WOW! You’ve done a lot! I love the secret garden idea. And your potted plants look lovely. Just don’t be like me, and forget to water them daily. The summer sun can really dry out a pot.
    Great yard sale find! Looks real comfy. We had our first official BBQ today with Jack and Deena. It felt like summer, but the lake is still cold…..mom

  2. Yeah I’m trying to be diligent about watering – especially since it’s been 85 degrees lately! It’s also super windy today, so I’ll see how everything held up to that later on…

    I bought new cushions for the chairs (dark, tropical print) and can’t wait to have garden parties!

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