Sprouting Solutions, Not Blame

As if to remind us yet again as to why growing your own food is better, the e coli-related blame game continues across the pond. First cucumbers from Spain, then sprouts from Germany, and then the recent suggestion that whatever the culprit, it probably was organic, since organic farms use more manure (an announcement paid for by Big Agriculture perhaps?).

What it boils down to is that you can never know whats going on in someone else’s backyard, but you can control what happens in your own garden (or windowsill, sprout-lovers!). Now there are always challenges with having your very own produce section – Certain veggies might not grow in your climate, or are just too much work for you to bother (see me + asparagus). And then there are those who have absolutely no space or time for a garden. With all of the above, the solution is simple: Buy local and/or get to know the farmer from whom you’re buying.

When we still lived in Brooklyn, we belonged to the Crown Heights CSA, and the farm that we were partnered with (Sang Lee) invited us all out to Long Island for a hay ride and info session. The experience was informative and fun, and every time we got our delivery I really felt that I knew where the food was coming from. I’ve been meaning to get serious about eating local up here (which surprisingly isn’t easy considering how many farms there are), and saw that Mustard Seed will be hosting a Locavore* discussion on June 23rd, so I will definitely check that out…stay tuned for the recap!

For my NYC peeps interested in the Locavore movement down there, check out Leda Meredith’s blog and take one of her cooking or foraging classes.

Sprout image from GoodLookingCook


4 thoughts on “Sprouting Solutions, Not Blame

  1. I’m interested in the locavore discussion too. I would love to meet up!

    I think blaming the sprouts is so strange given how they are grown… I should research it more but, thus far, no article I’ve read explains how e coli got into the sprouts…

  2. I think they just don’t know and are randomly picking vegetables to blame despite how they are grown – fools…

    Yeah, I’ll be working in Watertown the day of the talk, so I was just gonna zip over to Mustard Seed after I get out at 6. Meet you there?

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