Big (Green) Deal: High Line Phase II Opens!

Being a huge supporter of the original High Line renovation (I actually interviewed for a management job before it opened…didn’t get it), I’m beyond excited that Friends of the High Line have successfully opened Phase II. More info (and history) here, at Huffington Post.

Not that I was a real old school New Yorker (although, 10 years is a long time at the rate things change in the City), but I remember being curious about the High Line during my 4am jaunts (see: the Tunnel) through the then-still-shady West Side. The idea of taking an abandoned, man-made structure and (re)turning it into something natural is one that society needs to be focusing on. In the same vein as building new with reclaimed materials, we need to reclaim the space of what has already been built.

Besides, birds don’t seem to mind making homes out of non-natural objects. And for those who have a little one (or a big kid) who wants to learn more about the High Line or greening industrial places in general:

The Curious Garden by Peter Brown

High Line Photo from


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