How Grows It?

Thanks to the return of “normal weather,” the gardens and outdoor spaces of the Five Birch Perch continue to grow. As you can see I painted a little sign officially naming our House O’ Dreams, which is pretty standard for the homes on our lakefront street (although the owners of “The Hideaway” badly missed their chance to be clever, since the lake is in fact Hyde Lake…C’mon people!)

But anyway, I also gussied up my yard-sale patio set with new cushions and an umbrella:

And lets see how my patio pots are coming along:

And even the surrounding weeds wildflowers are looking their best:

But the real star is the Fort Knox of gardens that Butch has constructed over by the fire pit. We’re growing herbs, lettuces, eggplant, squash/pumpkins, broccoli (regular & raab), brussel sprouts, kale, melons, peppers, 3 different kinds of tomatoes and heirloom beans that immigrated over from Italy with Butch’s family:

Yes, even Mr. Survivor-of-Hurricane-Katrina Garden Gnome has found a place in the garden (I had to convince Butch that nobody in the North Country is running around stealing garden gnomes!). Butch also encircled the garden with marigolds and planted some sunflower seeds in the front…not that there’s any shortage of insects, butterflies and birds…or animals of the domestic variety:

No, I don’t mean Freddy-Dog or Grim-Cat…I’m talking about 2 new baby cows prancing around across the street!




6 thoughts on “How Grows It?

  1. LOVE your sign! And everything you’ve done to spiffy up the outside. Great fence around the garden, Butch! I’m sure you’ll be picking those fresh vegetables in no time. Those calves are adorable!

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