Coco in Wonderland

As someone who worked in NYC for many years, I would avoid Bryant Park during Fashion Week like the alien-invasion/plague that it was…However, every now and then a fashion editorial will catch my eye, either because of the art direction or the model. This one does both! First of all, it’s very Alice in Wonderland in the Garden of Live Flowers, and second, Coco Rocha is pretty much my new favorite model. She magically transforms into whomever the shoot requires, but doesn’t blend into the background like most walking clothes hangers.

Now if only I could find a “Drink Me” bottle so I could go play in a giant garden…


Photos of Coco from Coco Rocha’s website

Bottom photo from me in Albuquerque…someday I will post all my photos from my most recent trip to New Mexico (Almost 2 years later!).


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