It’s My Party and I’ll Compost If I Want To

So as I was saying – I got married this past weekend! The after-after-party was a “morning-after” brunch at the Five Birch Perch, and I knew I absolutely did not want to clean up an enormous pile of Fiesta Ware once the last car drove off. But I was not too keen on the idea of paper plates and plastic forks – I am running a green(ish) blog here people!

For a solution, my friend/brunch caterer Michele suggested we use dishes, bowls, cups and utensils from World Centric. Their products are not only made from sustainable materials, but compostable as well! Now, post-party, I will definitely attest to their durability and performance. The plates and bowls were thick and sturdy and the plastic-esque utensils had me fooled into almost throwing them out. I was pleased with the quality and the price was comparable to bleached paper varieties found in grocery stores. Now if only we could have made it more clear that the plates went in the compost pit, not the burnables pile….but I’ve picked through worse.

Regardless, the used plates, etc are bagged up so we can add them to the compost pile closer to winter – which make more sense to me. And for now I’m just glad I managed to do something towards offsetting the hundreds of miles my guests had to travel by car to be at the wedding!

3 thoughts on “It’s My Party and I’ll Compost If I Want To

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