Veggie Garden O’ Dreams

I can’t believe the last time I posted photos of our veggie garden was back in June (When it frankly didn’t look like much). Well, things sure have changed in the meantime. As I mentioned, we’ve been just overloaded with cukes and zucchini (see below for token shot of some of our homemade pickles). Lately we’ve also started gathering our heirloom string beans and swiss chard, and are just about ready to pick some tomatoes, green onions, watermelon and cantaloupe. Not too far behind will be brocoli, squash, and a multitude of brussel sprouts (YUM!). And of course the lettuce and herbs have been abundant. And Butch even has plans to try some cold weather crops this year (carrots, kale, etc) – we’ll see how that goes!

The plants that have not done well are the eggplant, peppers* and brocoli rabe. The eggplant and peppers suffered from a late, cold start (we are planning on investing in some of those “hot mats” for seed starting next year), but the brocoli rabe…who knows – maybe it just doesn’t like the North Country weather. In general, productivity in the garden has been great considering torrential rain in May/June delayed our initial tilling. And we surprisingly did not have to add any compost – the soil was so rich already (I suspect that our yard was once also a cow pasture) – so the compost we’ve been creating will all be available to kick off next year.

And I have to give Butch major props here. The garden is about 99.9999% him. He had been dreaming of having a veggie garden of his own ever since he left home and I can tell how proud he is of his first year results! I’m also proud of him, and glad that we’re doing our small part to be sustainable by eating veggies grown ourselves.** This year was just too crazy for me with all the planning for the wedding, but I’ve got big plans next year for both an extended herb garden of my own and for more flower gardens and landscaping around the house.

*Apparently 2 wee peppers have just appeared on one of the plants! Whether there will be time enough left in the season for them to grow remains to be seen…

** I would have loved to have built a textbook zoned Permaculture garden, but we had to keep in mind the addition to the house that we’ll someday be building and work around those future plans. And I also want to say that as great as it is that the word “Permaculture” is finding its way into the collective conscience, we  should all realize the difference between our cute little gardens and a true Permaculture landscape. Permaculture is a complete way of life based on years of study and practice, and not something that is accomplished with just a couple of tomato plants and a rain barrel. I personally hope to get as close to that way of life someday, but in the meantime would never claim to be operating purely on Permaculture principles – hence the term “Green-ish,” with a real emphasis on the “ish!” Just wanted to throw that disclaimer out there.


3 thoughts on “Veggie Garden O’ Dreams

  1. Your garden looks great. And I’m proud of you both!! The more “-ish” you do, the closer you get to your goal, and the better it is for the planet. EVERY little “-ish” helps……..we should ALL do them.
    I love the way you speak about your new husband…….you’ve chosen well…………….mom

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