Spotlight On: Reclaimed Space

Austin-based construction company Reclaimed Space specializes in custom-designed homes built from reclaimed materials. Founded by Tracen Gardner following a soul-searching cross country road trip and a degree in Environmental Resource Management, Reclaimed Space tries to reverse the negative effects of new home building while creating a unique and beautiful home for their clients.

I love the idea that they reclaim materials from old barns and homes that may at first appear to be nothing more than potentially dangerous eyesores – apparently taking them apart piece by piece, even saving nails to reuse if possible! And while it’s unavoidable for them to use some new materials, it’s the overall process that is truly an exercise in sustainability:

Reclaimed Spaces only use quality craftsmanship and certified installers for all building processes.  All framing members and roofing components consist of new material andouter facades of reclaimed material.  The spaces are constructed in the same manner as a typical stick built home.

Each space is fully insulated with blown-in soy and come pre-wired and plumbed.  Then, the reclaimed material is used to create a warm and unique living space.

The spaces are then transported to their site, fully complete, and set on concrete blocks. After positioned correctly, concrete piers can be poured and strapped to the space.

Each space is custom designed and built to meet the clients needs.  Owners are involved daily as their unit is built through to completion.  All seem to enjoy the ease of and participation in the project.

Blown-in soy insulation, huh? Here are some interior shots from a couple houses Reclaimed Space designed and built:

All photos from Reclaimed Space


2 thoughts on “Spotlight On: Reclaimed Space

  1. I know! I’ve often schemed to open a reclaimed lumber/scrap yard up here…don’t know if I quite have the resources to do it. At the very least I’m thinking a photo project on these dilapitated (but oddly beautiful) structures.

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