Big (Green) Deal: The P’lovers Store and Book Club

While in Kingston recently, Butch and I stopped into the new(ish) P’lovers store on Princess Street. P’lovers (which stands for Planet Lovers) “was created to help people live more sensitively with the Earth.” Their mission statement elaborates:

We believe the actions of each and every one of us can positively affect the quality of the world in which we live. By modifying our lifestyles, using our purchasing power to reflect our values, and supporting activities which respect and protect the diversity of life, we can make a difference.

The store had an interesting variety of quality products, all with a sustainable focus (I bought a couple more resusable sandwich baggies made out of recycled plastic). And now that I’ve taken a look at their website, I see that they also have a book club featuring books available in their shops. Every book on their list sounds intriguing – I’ll have to see if any of my local libraries carry them…

I love the idea of an enviornmentally conscious book club. Actually, I love the idea of a P’lovers opening right here in Watertown! If only I had the financial backing to open a franchise of my own.


7 thoughts on “Big (Green) Deal: The P’lovers Store and Book Club

  1. Your post couldn’t be more timely. Hubby and I are hoping to go to Kingston to celebrate our anniversary next mont. I will make a point to go to this shop! I can’t wait!

    I hope you’re doing well. Sorry I’ve been so busy recently…

  2. Ooh, sounds nice! We stayed at the Frontenac Club Inn – it was not overly expensive and really cute. Make sure you stay through Sunday…they have a great antique show/thrift market out in the square.

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