Eat Your Zipcode: North Country “Department Store”

From Newzjunky:

Russell Proposes ‘North Country Department Store’ of Local Goods

by Timothy W. Scee II
Special to N
Published September 24,

WATERTOWN, N.Y.  —  November may see a large-scale gathering of north country farmers, antique dealers and small businesses as Assemblywoman Addie J. Russell, D-Theresa, announced a second phase as part of an effort to market a variety of locally produced goods.

Russell told reporters at a Friday press conference she is seeking a location for an event that would bring local businesses together, preferably near the center of the 118th Assembly District at the Route 37 corridor, as part of her “Rediscovering Your Backyard” initiative introduced in May.

“It’s a north country department store,” Russell explains. “We’re bringing the north country products all under one roof and designing it in a shopping-friendly manner.”

Russell said the initiative stemmed from her own desire for guests who attended her wedding to either buy gifts from both big box stores or boutiques that offer locally made goods, specifically from the assemblywoman’s favorite antique shop.

“I rolled out a program that would allow local businesses and artisans to become part of a database of businesses that are willing to do wedding and special event registries,” Russell said. “We all know that when you spend money at a locally owned business that money stays in our community and strengthens our community.”

Although a location has yet to be confirmed, Russell is planning to hold the event on Saturday, Nov. 5.

“This directory of businesses participating in the initiative will provide a great resources for others seeking a similar experience,” Russell wrote. “Both giving and receiving a unique gift from a North Country business is most fitting for occasions like a graduation, a wedding or a shower.”

Photo from the River Rat Cheese website


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